Motor disability: when brain and body lose contact

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Following a car accident, a fall during a field hockey game, etc., our lives can be turned upside down because of a spinal cord injury. It can also be caused by surgical complications or by an illness. In some cases, all is not lost, and there may still be nerve fibers left that will allow us to get through it.

Through multidisciplinary approaches, researchers aim to develop innovative approaches to identify and exploit the full potential of remaining fibers, often using artificial intelligence and advances in biomedical engineering.

When the spinal cord is affected, should we immediately think of disability? Besides an accident, can certain pathologies affect our motor system? How can we detect signs of complications following an injury? What are the side effects that can persist after the healing of an injury? What are the technologies and scientific advances in the field?

Pre Dorothy Barthélemy and Dr. Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong will answer these questions immediately following the screening of the film Patients by Grand Corps Malade.

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